L’Observatoire de la Souveraineté Alimentaire et de l’Environnement (OSAE) and the Master Science in Conflict and Development  from Ghent University in Belgium, organized from April first, 2019 to April 17th, 2019 a study trip with a focus on Food Sovereignty and Environment for the students of the Ghent Master and young Tunisian students and activists.

This study trip was placed under the sign of cultural exchange and knowledge between young students and activists from the two sides of the Mediterranian sea. Much of it took place in the south-east of Tunisia, especially in Gabès where the differents subjects were discussed such us oasis and peasant issues, pollution, water resources, biodiversity, local seeds, and social structures.

The study trip was in the form of a « Field School » including visits and meetings with farmers and local actors. The participants worked on the report, based on field surveys that were conducted in 5 days around Gabès.  

These articles are based on fieldwork performed from the collaboration between two Tunisian and two Belgian divided into five working groups.