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On the Road: Food Sovereignty in Tunisia

By Ray Bush

The Observatoire de la Souveraineté Alimentaire et de l’Environnement (OSAE) is a new innovative and exciting NGO focused on promoting food sovereignty, positive environmental transformation and they do this with ideas and actions of small-scale family farmers.  Based in Tunis, the brainchild of Habib Ayeb, it has a small staff of engaged activists who in September organized food sovereignty days.  This was an amazing journey into the breadth and range of small farmer struggles for autonomy and improved livelihoods throughout Tunisia focusing on the areas between the capital and the South East Oasis town on Gabes and beyond.

The seven principles of food sovereignty are well known, or should be by now...

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“What lasted for 3000 years has been destroyed in 30”: the struggle for food sovereignty in Tunisia

By Max Ajl

Gabès, the Tunisian South’s garden-city, is otherworldly. It is the world’s only maritime oasis, and very different from the Saharan or desert groves which the term tends to call up in the mind’s eye. Natural sweet springs have nourished horticulture and arboriculture there for millennia, back to Carthaginian times, forming the basis of a technical system that has outlasted empires and Beys.

One cannot help but be enchanted by the emerald multi-storied gardens of Chenini, a section of Gabès. Palms stand sentinel on the perimeter, a windbreak which shatters the desert sirocco. The Mediterranean cools the summers and heats the winters, while the oasis effect seals in moisture. Below palms sit grapes on trestles and the telltale pale green of olives...

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JOSAE en images – أيام السيادة الغذائية و البيئة في صور

Lundi 15 octobre 2018 à 17h , OSAE vous invite à l’inauguration de son bureau au centre de Tunis en vous proposant l’exposition des photographies et la projection des petites vidéos dédiés aux Journées de la Souveraineté Alimentaire et de l’Environnement JOSAE.
On aura l’occasion d’échanger quelques mots avec une tasse de café/thé chaud entre les mains.
L’exposition sera aussi l’occasion de célébrer la Journée mondiale de la souveraineté alimentaire et restera ouverte au publique à partir du mardi 16 octobre 2018 jusqu’au vendredi 19 octobre à partir de 10h jusqu’à 17h.

يتشرف مرصد السيادة الغذائية و البيئة بدعوتكم لحضور افتتاح مقره الكائن بتونس العاصمة (2 نهج لوسي فور1000 تونس) يوم الإثنين 15 أكتوبر 2018 على الساعة الخامسة مساءا و يقت...

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